Boston College (February 2019): Sax Discusses Gender, Race Gaps in Computer Science

UCLA Ed&IS (June 2018): BRAID Research Team Launches New Special-Focus Projects

UCLA Newsroom (June 2017): Cracking the code: Why aren’t more women majoring in computer science? UCLA’S Linda Sax looks at dynamics in introductory CS college classes

Diversity in Action (March/April 2017): BRAID Initiative: Positioning CS Departments to Better Serve Women and Underrepresented Minorities

UCLA Newsroom (Dec. 2015): Linda Sax receives $2 million NSF grant for diversity-building initiative

UCLA Ed&IS (Nov. 2015): Linda Sax: $2 Million Grant Will Follow Up Study on Diversity and Inclusion in Computer Science Education

CRA (Oct. 2015): BRAID/CRA Collaboration to Study and Evaluate Diversity Initiatives in Computing

UCLA Newsroom (May 2015): Finding strategies to recruit, retain women, minorities as computer majors

Read Write (Sept. 2014): Universities Get Serious About Women in Computer Science

Reuters (Sept. 2014): The Anita Borg Institute and Harvey Mudd College Launch Initiative to Increase the Diversity in Computer Science Undergraduate Majors at 2014 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting


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